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Start running your OWN download site in a matter of hours! Promote your ISP, your software, or simply use
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3 September 2013

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This code package lets you set up a download site very quickly.

This package will help start running your own download site in a few hours time. There are several possibilities using this to promote your ISP, your software, or simply use it as a revenue raising tool. By setting up a download site focusing on just your niche, you could use this as another marketing tool to attract traffic. If you could update content automatically and frequently then this can run on auto pilot. If you are able to build enough visitors to your site you will be able to attract revenue from other advertisers. You could advertise your own products, of course. Any purchases made by people from your site gives you another revenue stream from commissions. Other opportunities include Amazon book sales, domain name sales and any other imaginative opportunity you could exploit.

What you get with this package include a copy of a database of more than 82,000 software titles listed. This list is updated daily. The tool comes with a template. You could easily customize it as needed using a HTML editor. Downloads are automated and this package includes scripts to achieve to do that. You would be able to run the code on a domain of your choice. Additional functions available as options include hosting of the site and the database. Database updates from the developer’s master database is possible. Daily updates of commissioned products can be provides so that you don`t miss out on any sales. The developers also offer website implementation and recommendations about a suitable software niche that you can address. This is a very good product. If you are looking for a similar solution, you should try it in your exact workflow.

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Start running your OWN download site in a matter of hours!
You can use this to promote your ISP, your software, or simply use it as a revenue raising tool! New File Extension finder.
These days everyone is using niche-focused portals to help them advertise. By setting up a download site that focuses on just your niche, you get yet another marketing tool to help draw people to your site! With content updated hourly with no intervention from you, what could be simpler!
Revenue Options
* Advertise your own products for free!
* Attract revenue from other advertisers
* Collect commission revenue on purchases initiated through the site
* Add extra revenue options such as Amazon book sales, Domain name sales and much, much more - your imagination is the only limit!
Standard Inclusions
* A copy of our full database, with 82,000+ software titles listed (updated daily)
* Our default website templates (which can be customized quickly and easily using Microsoft FrontPage)
* Scripts to achieve 100% automation of daily processing jobs
* Running on the domain of your choice (subject to availability)
Optional Extras
* We can manage and update the database for you
* We can host your site and database
* We can provide daily or weekly additions of new files from our master source
* We can provide daily updates of commissioned products so that you don't miss out on any sales
* We can provide web site design and implementation services to achieve the look and feel you want
* We can recommend an appropriate software niche to suit your product.
Version 2.7
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